Classic massage

The classic massage is our best seller and includes a whole-body massage, trilbies, belly, scalp and face. This type of massage pay attention to the muscles of the body, relax the nervous system, improves the blood circulation and lymph flow. It influences different pains, symptoms and diseases. The classical Swedish massage helps with the pain in the back and the neck. Also helps with nervous tension, tiredness, muscle strain, insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, muscle disbalance.

Aroma massage

AAromatherapy is the method of use and treatment with fragrances and their properties.
These features have a very positive effect on the human body. They have healing and treatment effect. Moreover, they can affect our emotions, to strengthen and beautify. Also, it is one of the most efficient ways.
The therapy includes a massage with natural essential oils obtained by distillation. The moves are slow and soft. As a result, it will fully erase stress and tension.

Medical massage

The massage is a passive method of kinesitherapy. Since ancient times it is applied with healing purpose by using different procedures. These methods provoke the body to make changes. Therefore, this massage has a favourable effect on the disease process and normalises the damaged functions.
The healing massage is a symbiosis of different techniques influenced by Chinese, classical, connective-tissue, segmental-reflex massage and acupressure.
Its purpose is to remove the discomfort. Hence, you can feel the results after the first procedure.
The healing massage depends on the way for your specific problems.



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Sport massage

It is specially directed to physically active people. Non-professional athletes can also use these services of ours. This type of procedure is popular among people who are very busy and practice sport frequently. The accent in this method is not on the relaxation but the prevention and treatment of injuries. Consequently, we provide our clients with better sports results.
When we do this massage, our specialists use different techniques. Hits are harder than classical Swedish massage. The stretching is one of the main ways which help with muscle relaxation and increase flexibility.

Anti-cellulite massage

This therapy removes subcutaneous fat accumulated in the shape of orange formations. Therefore, the method has underlined cosmetic effect. It is performed with the help of special techniques and aromatic oils.

Treatment massage is the most popular and accessible method for cellulite. With its help, tissues get blood supplied. This helps to burn the fats, bring fresh ingredients and scatter lymphatic formations. For this procedure to work the treatment must be made with high- quality products. These warm or cold products’ purpose is to penetrate through the epidermis. Consequently, this process will affect fat cells and release them.
The number and the effect of the procedures depend on age, kilograms, eating habits. An individual special program is made for every patient. If the patient is young with a good metabolism, its weight is around 50- 60 kg then it is recommended to do 10 -15 massages for one good and long-lasting effect.
It is essential for the frequency of the procedures. They have to be made every day or with a gap of one day. The best way for success- fast, visible and lasting is when the massage is combined with other methods of treatment. The anti-cellulite massage strengthens the effect of other procedures. The result is sensational. Except for the fact that it degrades the fat cells, it also helps for sculpting the silhouette.


This therapy is based on a pseudoscientific system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands. Such work affects a physical change to the body.
With massage on these points are passed healing impulses. This method reduces stress in the body. Relaxation is the main effect of zone therapy.
Reducing the stress helps blood supplying, provides better functionality of the nervous system and regenerate the harmony of everybody functions.
Because mainly our diseases nowadays come from stress, zone therapy has a beneficial effect on many disease states.
This technique is very relaxing, especially for people that spend most of their time on foot or just suffer from pain and tiredness in the trilbies.

Volcanic stone massage

Massage with volcanic stones is one of the most ancient methods of prevention, relaxation and recovery. Energy imbalance is eliminated, muscles are relaxed and joint flexibility is improved. The combination of the energy impact of the heated stones and the manual massage stimulates a surge of positive energy, good health and spiritual harmony.


Chocolate therapy

The therapy contains pure cacao and cacao butter. They stimulate the brain to produce endorphins (also known as the hormone of happiness). Also, these extracts have a moisturizing and relaxing effect. This treatment is suitable for well-maintained skins. Moreover, it improves their elasticity and gives them a healthy glow. The therapy includes peeling for skin cleaning, a mask for hydration and massage with chocolate butter for relaxing.

Rose therapy

The aromatherapy “Bulgarian Rose” starts with peeling, which helps for removing the dead cells. Also, it Improves microcirculation and absorbency of the etheric rose oil. Then our therapist makes Rose mask to the whole body. The procedure finishes with a massage on the body with etheric Rose oil.