Scin care

The classical manual purifying on the face is procedure collected in a few consistent steps: purifying the face with purpose to open the pores; manual removal of the comedones and clogged pores; then we use violet ray with purpose to disinfection and faster recovery of the skin, healing, soft massage who helps for calming the skin and prevent skin from getting oily; then we make calming mask. In the end, we apply products selected for your skin type. You can see the effect right after the procedure. It is possible to have some redness on the skin but after a short period of calming your skin is purified, soft and healthy.

Lifting therapy

It is highly recommended for skin in needs to tighten. This therapy shapes the contour of your face, strengthen the connections between collagen fibres, increase the elasticity of the skin.

Eye therapy

herapy soothes and relaxes the eye contour, softens and reduces puffiness of the eyelids, reduces dark circles and stimulates cellular elasticity, gives a fresh look to the face.

Program hydration

Moisturizing and deep nourishing therapy suitable for skins vulnerable to atmospheric influences. Deeply hydrating and at the same time give to the skin healthy and fresh look. Purifying therapy.
It is intended for healing seborrhea among young people with imbalanced fat secretion and also as prevention for oily skin and acne.



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CELL Vitale selvert

Organic stem cells – the source of youth

Stem cells plays the main role in keeping the skin looking fresh, thanks to their regenerative quality. The aggressive influence that the environment and the weather have on our skin are very damaging for the stem cells. Their activity gets lower and that way the skin gets less thick and elastic. As a result, there can be recognized marks of ageing.

Oxygen therapy

Its purpose is to create even ten, to strengthen the capillaries and to purify the skin from toxins. It has got an anti-stress and healing result.

Anti-age Therapy

Therapy is rejuvenating and preventive against premature skin leaving. With the flow of warm skin loses between the main surface, shine and elasticity. The purpose of therapy is to rejuvenate the skin, improve metabolism, regenerate the epidermis, healthy and fresh looking skin.