The sauna is a spa place with an average temperature around 70- 100 degrees but with low humidity. The humidity of the air is regulated by the water that pours on the stones and creates steam.

A lot of people during the centuries used the sauna as a place for rest, relax and seclusion.
This creation is famous for its positive features on the human body and is a natural way to increase your immune system, tonicity and vitality of the body. It is not accidentally that the sauna was part of the home. The soft and moist heat increases immunity and can prevent illness.

The sauna gives you not only relaxation but also detoxication of the body.

Steam bath

A steam bath is a place which is heated with the use of steam. People use it for relaxation, relieving some medical symptoms, detoxication or as a part of beautifying procedures.

The steam bath is categorized as a humidity variation of the Finnish sauna, and it is similar to the Hamam. Usually, it spreads hotness around 45 degrees with humidity around 100 %. This bath is the perfect way of detoxication (purifying the body from toxic substances). At the same time provides anti-inflammatory, painkiller and moisturizing effect. Thanks to the aromatic system, are created additional sensory pleasures.

Relax zone

In our relax zone you can rest after using the saunas and the pool or after the procedures in the spa center.

Relax with style, enjoying the music and pleasurable environment, forget about the stress and the tense routine.


The jacuzzi hydromassage has a particularly favorable effect on diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. It relieves the pain associated with them, as well as those caused by overload, and speeds up recovery. It soothes and has a general beneficial effect on the nervous system. Has good effect in conditions of stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia. As a consequence, hydromassage also contributes to the normalization of metabolism and the functioning of the immune system.



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