Turkish bath / Hamam/

The traditional oriental scrub, also known as “Hamam” is beautifying procedure date back to centuries ago. People discover the benefits of the water on the physical and psychological state of the body. Also, they feel improvement on their senses, organs and systems in their body.

If you want to reduce the toxins, to clean yourself and to relax your place is in the one of a kind Turkish Bath / Hamam/. The inauthentic atmosphere you will feel the warmth of the marble stone, steam and dampness.

Oriental scrub ``Kese ``

Kese is a traditional method for cleansing the body. After the heating in the bath, the specialist removes the excess layer of dead cells on your skin with a special soft glove made from silk threads. Then the procedure continues with 20 min gently body wash with natural soap, made in special oriental bellows.

``Sultan`` massage

During this procedure are used seaweeds and aromatic oils.
Seaweeds are extremely rich in minerals, microelements, vitamins, proteins and others. They eliminated the accumulated toxins and slags, model and shape the figure, tighten the skin and rejuvenate the body and the soul.

``Pasha`` massage

It is made in the Hamam with hot aromatic foam.




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